Categories: Clothing discount; Military ID: Required; Redemption Type: Online

Who can get the 35% discount?

Members of the military community including;

  • Active Duty personnel

  • Veterans

  • Retirees

  • National Guard

  • Military Reservists

  • US Coast Guard

How can I get the military discount?

You would need to register an account on the OakleySI.com website and verify your eligibility using SheerID.com to access the discount. You can also click here to carry out the verification using ID.me.

Note that you cannot use a .mil or .gov email address for the verification process.


Who else qualifies for the discount?

First Responders of the following segments may qualify to receive the Oakley Standard Issue discount;

  • Police Officers

  • Fire Department Officers

  • Sheriffs

  • Federal Law Enforcement (Homeland Security, etc.)

  • EMTs and Paramedics

About Oakley Standard Issue

Oakley Standard Issue is the division of the eyewear giant, Oakley, Inc. dedicated to serving military personnel, law enforcement and emergency response personnel. Through the division, Oakley offers eyewear specifically designed to meet the needs of these individuals and to integrate seamlessly with their existing technology such as night vision. The discounts are made especially for military personnel, so rest assured that you’ll get quality eyewear while saving hundreds of dollars.