pre-screen wotcWhen companies are looking for a candidate, they need to know relevant information about the job seeker. By completing the WOTC pre-screen, the employer will know if you are eligible, it shows your initiative and your profile will also be more complete. If an employer knows that you qualify for the WOTC program and which qualified target group you belong to, the probabilities of a successful recruitment increase.


wotc informationThe WOTC pre-screen process includes questions about when you were discharged from the military service, your working history and your current situation. For example, whether you have been unemployed for at least 6 months during the last year or if you are a member of a family that has received food stamps. The pre-screening process takes around 3 minutes and it is very simple and intuitive. The questions are answered with Yes or No. Read more about what is WOTC to get a better understanding of the veteran categories and the program itself.


pre-screen advantagesWhen a recruiter is looking through many applications, standing out from the rest makes all the difference. As explained previously, even though a company is primarily searching based on the candidate’s qualifications, there are some aspects that are better to have covered. Here are the reasons why you should submit data for the WOTC pre-screen:

  • your profile and application will be more complete;
  • it will make it more simple for the employer to find a suitable candidate;
  • you will get a deeper understanding of the WOTC system;
  • you will be showing initiative towards the recruiter;
  • if you qualify for the WOTC program, your employer will receive a tax credit when recruiting you. This can increase your chances for a successful employment.


If you do no qualify for the WOTC program, do not feel discouraged. You as a veteran still have great opportunities to find a job here at the Veteran Career Center. The skills and experience veterans acquired during the military service are highly appreciated by employers. They know how much you, as a veteran, have sacrificed for America. Putting these skills and experience in the private sector will highly benefit employers and work colleagues.